I am Uniz, better known as Chuey.

I am a tattooist and also an artist.


To me these two are intricately linked. With a background in Fine Arts, human skin to me is another medium to work on; an exotic, breathing, living, moving canvas which in itself, carries a heavy sense of responsibility.


Finishing my mentorship in 2000, I have since tattooed in various parts of the globe including Australia, UK, Far-eastern and South-east Asia. Other mediums I dabble with includes drawing, painting, 3D work, graphic design and photography.


My influences derive from the culturally mixed background that I grew up in, Singapore, where the East meets West and traditions are fused with modern influences. My personal works often reflect current social issues, inspired by events that touched me or those around me.


With tattooing, it is a whole different arena. I believe a tattooist is only the surrogate for the deliverance of the ideas of my clients. Upon getting my first tattoo, I realised that is a very personal and intimate affair. Just as no two fingerprints are the same, I feel that no tattoos should be.


Studio Diacritic was founded in 2008, in the basement on High Street in Oxford, UK as I set out to set up a 'haute couture' for tattooing, where each design is made to order for a specific customer with extreme attention to detail and finish. In 2012, we have moved into Art Studio Jericho, a peaceful bigger, lighter studio located on the top-level of Jericho Community Centre, five minutes walk to the heart of Oxford City.


I enjoy the process of brainstorming ideas with my clients and finally creating a piece of artwork that is totally unique to the both of us. My style involves tattooing in black and grey shades with hints of bright colours, toying with the illusion of space and setting depths in an otherwise 2 dimensional surface. That said, I am game to try out any new ideas! Meticulously, I will then set out to emulate the final design on the body, following up after to make sure that the end result is to both our satisfaction.


My goal is to help everyone get the tattoos they will love for the rest of their life. I will always be totally honest and help out with any tattoo related questions you might have, without any obligations.