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reasons why i love him more

reasons why i love him more

If there's something he does that really turns you on or makes you feel great, you should let him know what he's doing right! Reason 99: He tends to stop and give me a treat for a yummy chocolate cake. In fact, let the whole world know why you love the girl that you love. window._mNHandle.queue = window._mNHandle.queue || []; When we wrestle.77. Reason 40: I love it when he takes care of me when I sometimes forget to! We get caught up in saying ‘I love you’ when we leave our partner, greet our partner, or when something really good happens. The words ‘I love you’ can lose their meaning when you are only using them in this way. The times when we’ve both been so low but, somehow, you managed to make me smile.60. Love Quotes | Relationship Tips | Advices | Messages, Tips To Save A Relationship After An Affair, 25 Simple Tips To Connect With Your Partner, 5 Keys To Have A Long Lasting Relationship, This Is Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together, 6 Reasons Why Marriage Is So Important To Women. 4. How you need me.14. He will always stick by me. I could spend hours just watching and caressing it. I almost gave up and went to my old party ways of not giving a crap about anyone or anything, but he had picked me up and hasn’t let me fall back down since. Reason 93: He makes love to me like no other can. How you light up the whole room when you smile.3. When we sit in your garden.98. For this article, I decided to divide my list into themes to make it easier for other people to think up their own reasons. Your gorgeous eyes.6. You make me feel like I’m enough for you. wew .. (experience basis), Your 100 words are totally I've experience with my boyfriend and until 6 years we haven't meet the feeling is still the same. Reason 34: He knows very well how to keep a promise and bind by it. If you start thinking about your alone time with your boyfriend, I can guarantee you'll think of some great things to write. That you comfort me when I cry for no reason on the phone. I love the fact that I wouldn't ever give up on you. I love you more than I can describe in words. How you say, ‘I love you, sweetie.’26. How I’m not afraid to be myself when I’m with you . Our nights in.100. But for those of us who are in a good, happy and caring relationship, we can relate to the majority oft he points she makes and even add our own to it. Reason 45: I love it when he compliments me and actually mean it. When you don’t wake me up when I fall asleep at your house.83. 100 Reasons Why I Love You. Good 4 you grl... woooooooow its so fascinatng and it amaizing n uknow what ur affectionate gal, fight for your lover gal u real inspire me i feel to have crash again now i belive that love is special feelng n not season feeling. I love this man to death. He's always on my mind. When you cry.10. It would be great to let the world now that you love him by saying things such as “I love my son” and telling him about how much you do care for him. Reason 38: I love it when he loves me back. Reason 42: He knows the boundary when to help me and when to let me do it myself. How you still get shy about things.4. Girls, there really are men in this world that will treat you right, have the confidence in yourself to not get sucked into a relationshit with men like BIGMAN33. For the record... my boyfriend would much rather be with me than his "boys" and a room full of beer. I was with him just few hours ago but i feel like going to his house. Bigmann33,if you can say nothing about, just b quiet ! But I don't want it to think like I'm taking credit for it. — here are some worthy additions to consider: 162. Reason 19: He knows how to put me first every time and it signifies respect. Reason 100: I feel lucky that he picked me out of a lot of million others. The fact that this list was so easy to write, but also so hard because I had to limit it to just 100 reasons when I can think of at least a million plus reasons why I love you and why I am the luckiest woman in the world. I love how you forced me to drink Buckley's when I was sick, which is nasty as hell. So please get real! 86. They each complete the sentence: "I love...". Explore. I love how he looks at me when we're laughing, like he could be there forever in the moment. I comfort myself with the socks he bought me, little or less it feels like he is right here with me. I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years and I can tell you this, I fall more in love with him each and every day, and all those little things she's named off is not bs, you appreciate all of those things and love them more because of what they do. 163. Reason 25: I love it when he snuggles me. If you're in an unhappy relationship then maybe you don't think this is nice and is bullshit. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, I knew right then and there that I found the one for me. If you have a hard time doing that, here are some quotes that says “I love my son” that will work just as well. ..So sweet.. Just Extatic.. More Reasons Why I Love You So Much. A list of 100 reasons why I love my boyfriend. Every person is unique, every relationship is different — so it makes sense that the reasons why you love your partner will not sound similar to the reasons why someone else loves his/her partner. But the point of this is to reflect on all the good things in a realationship and what it is you love about them as a person..... the crap that comes with a relationship is inevitable but its the things like what's written above that makes you strive for a better future together. Haha no, wasteman describes you perfectly. Reason 59: He dedicates me the best of songs which I love to hear! There are little ways people can show you they love you that you might not be picking up on. Warm Wishes to you and your boyfriend! . Quotes. Reason 62: He has the ability to comfort me with his mere touch. lol, I'm writing a version of my own now for mine & my boyfriends 3 month anniversary, which is still a while away but who cares. I want you to pray god for it so your boyfriend can be back ok. Bradley Kaye from Lewiston, New York on February 11, 2013: Great hub! Reason 31: He’s the only one with whom I can eat a sub with because of the unhygienic way I eat it by spilling it all over. Just being in the same room as my boyfriend makes me feel protected and safe. Reasons why I love you! 100 Reasons Why I Love You. Reason 11: He knows the perfect tricks of how to excite me and turn me on. How you’re always just adorably cute.5. Reason 9: He has promised me that he will never let me go even if the cloud of problems showers on us. It means a lot to me that you’re never possessive … Also thinking about it, another thing. Just cause you fail at love doesn't mean you can put this chikki down!! Reason 54: I love it that he lets me cuddle him even when he is dying because of heat. There are literally thousands of things to love about someone. If you’re making a list of “Reasons why I love my boyfriend” — or husband, partner, best friend, etc. 10 Reasons Why I Love Gordon Ramsay. I'm with Mr.Bigmann33-- I am madly in love with my boyfriend...but I am REALISTIC!! Love goes deeper than just saying "I love you." (And I ask a lot!) Reason 92: We have thousand topics to talk on day and night. A couple of weeks ago, it was my boyfriends birthday. I am love so with him iman he is iran i meet internet in chat he lives in seattle wa was last year and my family they not let talking with o send texts send want i do can t i am sittl love with him and i feel alone i am feel lovely he sitll love with him i feel so sad but my family they undersntad i how much love with him i need talk some one. It's so sweet! When I have to lean over when you have crotch pants.80. Reason 89: We spend a lot of time in making decisions together for our future. How you cope with my stresses.52. How you are yourself around everyone and wouldn’t change for anyone.7. 97. You must be a pretty girl anyways, with no makeup on, messy hair, extra pounds, etc. There are so many reasons that you love your girl, from the simplest ones such as the way she smiles at you or the way she fits perfectly in your arms and you must let her know. Reason 12: He always pushes to try my best and step out of the comfort zone. That we argue about who loves who most.72. Cuz he basicly is perfect for you, and nobody will see him as perfect apart from you. Reason 68: He has that inner strength that makes me feel calm when my life is in a deep chaos. you should find where he is and tell him how much you love him and show him you just want him too show you all his attention keep going for your man girl . But that won’t stop me from telling you over and over again those reasons why. ! Your letters.94. That you tell me secrets that your friends don’t even know.12. Your explaining what has happened once! This last section brings together all the little moments and tiny gestures that show me how much my boyfriend truly loves me. She does mention the hard times and arguments and how they lift eachother up and get eachother through, and this is an extremely important aspect of a healthy relationship. Reason 55: He believes in me and trusts all my decisions. window._mNHandle = window._mNHandle || {}; Let me know as soon as you can. putting together the reasons is so cool. My boyfriend learns from his own mistakes first. When you walk in the common room and give me that cheeky smile.99. When you laugh at me when I get things wrong. That you know exactly what turns me on.70. He loves me more than anything and literally this whole thing describes us perfectly :). Until then, quit trolling women's blogs unless you've something to contribute, I know that you're looking for recognition hunny, but there are nicer ways to earn it in the real word, bless your heart. Reason 39: He is the calm element to my crazy existence! Reason 88: He is never ever harsh with me. Just because you haven't experienced the feeling doesn't mean you can call bullshit on everything that has been said on this blog. 6. Thanks =). Mar 24, 2016 - Find and follow posts tagged 100 reasons why i love you on Tumblr. When you annoy me on purpose.96. I love how you light up the whole room with your smile. as Jefferson Davis place it, "The zeal of the folks is failing! Being in love is probably the best feeling in the world and being in love brings some responsibilities on you too. Reason 64: I love it that he puts so many thoughts in whatever he does for me. It's messy and not everything is cute or precious. The way you laugh when I tickle you.8. The way you smell is really common to all of us. Tell us all about it in the comments, and feel free to pass this article along to anyone who you feel would be entertained or helped by it. In this case the smell brings positive thoughts and makes her feel happy when she smells him. lol.76. I have tried many love spells and had no success. Reason to Love #4: Their Positive Attitude. Or that when YOU suck at sommthing...he tells you. 1. Although he's my best friend and we love doing life together, it's not … 2. Reason 33: He is ready all time round to give me a massage whenever I ask for it. How you make an effort with my friends.53. Some of those points I didn't agree with as much, but that's good. im doing this for my one year anniversary. Its people like bigman who end up miserable and alone. I Don't think he can truly realize how much I fell for him. Reason 80: When he tells me that I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. How you always know when something is wrong.45. I'm a guy and I make a point of trying to do this sort of stuff. Reason 97: We have the same thinking in terms of how equal girls and guys are and I respect him for that. I Love my boyfriend John, It's impossible to forget about him. :). Here's how to tell if your partner loves you and a few signs they love you more than you think. That you can’t stay in a mood with me for long.27. in our bed.66. That's amazing. I love the way you spark my creativity and imagination. Reason 50: He knows I’m a bit lost and thus keeps me updated about every thing I should know. Our memories.28. Reason 22: He is one of the best gentlemen I know of any time! There are countless reasons why I love him but the Best 100 Reasons WHY I Love HIM so much are: Reason 1: He respects me a lot more than I deserve and I simply owe him everything for this. Reason 35: He has a practical thinking and never lives in dreams. I cried and he was so nervous about it but that was the best day of my entire life besides the day I had met him. Reason 75: I love it when he comprehends that my dreams are his dreams. Well, search no further, because this 100 love notes provide you with the best answer. I love how loyal you are to me. And fyi, my boyfriend would rather spend every single second of every single day with me than to go out with his buds drinking, it's called commitment and true appreciation of one another. These reasons don't necessarily have anything to do with our relationship. (Who’s fighting in Afghanistan?)75. Like I said: nice gesture...but not realistic. when you pull on my hair lol 31.) Sometimes it doesn't feel so real but it is . Remember that we are all beautiful!! I have a boyfriend and I love him sooo much, but he's not perfect, nobody is, and your making out that your boyfriend is, when he's no! He is perfect for me in every way possible. Love you Racheal(my girlfriend :) .). Oh God. There are so many reasons to love him. Reason 46: Even after so many years, his kisses still gives me Goosebumps. even in the absence of Union approaches, On the home front as well! I know that we will get through anything together. I thought I would try one more time. For fucks sake! When you kiss me and the whole world disappears and everything is perfect.32. That you comfort me when I cry for no reason on the phone.44. Have you often wondered how your partner could stay so upbeat all the time, but appreciate it nonetheless? Reason 72: He mingle up easily with my family and my friends. When you hold my hand. Reason 70: He is the best party person I’ve ever met and he complements me even in this aspect. How I can trust you with my life.13. How we stay up too late talking about our future.23. Reason 76: Because without him, my thermostat and Wi-Fi would never function. Our bed.63. He is such a kind and loving person. The writing you painted on my bed.93. He is able to understand me (most of the time haha) and know when I am upset or clearly happy. Reason 53: He is always there when I need a shoulder to cry upon. He loved it and thought it was a really sweet thing to do. 100 Reasons to Love Him 1. This will make him feel happy that he’s loyal to you and only you and … And maybe it isn't 100% true and maybe there are some tough moments where everything isn't fine, but because they love each other so much, none of these moments ever seam to happen. When we watch a romantic film.86. Reason 79: I fall for him again when he comes to bed rather than watch his favorite TV show. Reason 52: He makes the dark a little less scary. These are some of the sillier things I love about my boyfriend. They are just reasons I love my boyfriend because of who he is. Reasons Why I Love Him. Reason 41: He goes shopping with me and is very patient when I try the things on. I was online and came across Dr obodo ( 82. I love that the next time you tried to make it not so bad, by giving it to me with honey. Haha, this was sweet ^•^ Makes me appreciate my wonderful boyfriend, methinks. I couldn't think of anything to write in his birthday card other than the usual "I love you," so I thought I'd tell him exactly how much I love him. . How you listen to my opinions and don’t ignore me because I’m a girl.56. Reason 3: He has got those beautiful eyes which can never lose their spark. Because everyday, I find new ways, new reasons and a brand new “why” i love you This is the reason why I’ve entitled this page as. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. lol. How you always have the right thing to say to me.21. We all know that when we argue with our other halfs we can rhyme off all the things we hate about them, but we never stop for a second to think about the small things we love about the person. I love how forgiving you are. Reason 74: I smile wide when my friends and family appreciates how good and caring is he. Your nicknames for me . . I'm pretty sure everybody who is or has been in love KNOW that love isn't always easy, but that's the best part because you know you have the love of your life to comfort you and with a love so strong, you just know that you can get through anything. When we talk on the phone for hours, even though it only feels like ten minutes.24. How you love me just the way I am.57. (I still be in my senses to watch out his love) He always apologizes even when it’s not a big deal, even when it’s not his fault. We were only together for a couple weeks before he had gotten me a promise ring the day I turned 16. The way you smell.2. I think it's important to let my boyfriend know that they add up to make our relationship wonderful. 81. Get real guys. When you secretly buy me things.91. And I fell for him since day one. I’ve made a facebook album for the 24 reasons why I love you on our 2nd monthsary. Reason 86: He kisses me and says goodbye whenever I’m asleep in the morning. I love how you tell me what’s wrong with me but never hate me for it. Love is a beautiful feeling that makes us feel all gooey and happy. . Has your partner's positive attitude saved you on some of your crappiest days? How you talk to my face, not my boobs (most of the time). 84. 61. So she's not exactly gonna say crap stuff to him. Right or wrong I will stand by my man and I know he will do the same for me. "55 5 textbooks tell how the issue of states' . Love is very complicated, it is like a spell has been cast over you and you want to do nothing but what the spell makes you do, but if the spell breaks, then you wonder why you did anything that the spekl made you do. Going for meals with your parents.89. He is unique in his own way and he makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I would be lost and confused without him. Reason 2: He always makes me smile no matter what mood I have or how drowned I am deep in my thoughts. There are countless reasons why I love him but the Best 100 Reasons WHY I Love HIM so much are: Reason 1: He respects me a lot more than I deserve and I simply owe him everything for this. When you stare into my eyes for ages.65. His butt! When you talk to me about kids.19. She loves him and so what? Your texts.95. I'm only including my tamer reasons in this article, but you should feel free to get as sexy as you like. This list probably has some crossover with the one below. If people can't make it work like that and claim to be in love, I feel sorry for their futures together. Your ridiculous, angry-looking sex face.69. Because if all of that described our (my boyfriend and I) relationship, then that would have been freaky. Reason 98: He handles me well when I’m all drunk with him. Reason 96: I feel secure whenever he wraps me up in his arms when we are watching a horror flick. My boyfriend and I have an amazing connection. How you treat me like no one else has treated me, like I actually matter. Any girl dreams of a perfect man. I feel much healthier. How you don’t take crap from anyone, except me . Tell them every day how much you love them. When you share your candy with me. Bonus Reason 101. He knows all my secrets and I know all of his. Dear, I love you because you Reasons Why I Love You (Him or Her) Darling, you gave me strength and I’m not afraid of falling because I know you’re always there to catch me, you are always ready and you’re just a life saver, Love you so much. if you don't believe in love? You can be as crazy as you want with him. This is sweet i'm 16 in love and most of this i can actually relate .I know my boyfriend loves me and i can't complain because he's always there and there for me when i need him. He knows how to make me laugh despite myself, and he always knows how to make me feel special. I truly love Katlego Modiba, Bigman? I want him to know that I notice all the little efforts he makes and that they mean a lot to me. 158. I genuinely believe that self-love is the most important love there is, and … 32.) This is a great reason to love someone when your partner is that bright ray of sunshine that the world so desperately needs. If you're having trouble articulating your feelings for your partner, feel free to take some inspiration from this list or steal a couple of my points. Reason 32: He knows how to make the best coffee in the world! When you explain things to me when I get confused.51. Reason 51: He doesn’t just talk of love, he proves it by showing me. If we didn't have memories and reason, a relationship wouldnt survive. According to Keen, if you are the only … 11. :) Keep on loving! So keep living your dream with him by your side. Reason 94: He cares about how I feel even for the little things. I'm happy I have him in my life. 71. Reason 7: He never makes me feel ugly even when he’s joking. Reason 67: He never forces me to do something which I never wish to do. That you mean more to me than anything else in the world.20. him! Be ready to tell these reasons why I love you with great confidence and grow your love … Clearly, big an hasn't been in love otherwise he would know this. If you are lucky to find him, tell him how happy you are as often as possible! When you smell my hair.68. You have the smoothest skin. I'm soo deeply in love and I'm so happy that he's around! Reason 48: I love that his hand perfectly fits into mine. Reason 49: I love it when he asks about how was my day. How you can always make my troubles go away with ‘I love you.’41. Mr.Bigmann33, you must know that smell matters too. 31. The cute face you make when you're trying to take off my bra.62. He is my life and so much more. Do you know of more reasons? REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU MORE Reason 21: He has given me the most spectacular memories that nobody can ever give. The only sweet thing about this is the gesture..however, there is no really to make up random shit thy has happened ONCE in your relationship. I noticed that you wrote several times that he sees that you're pretty when you are not. how we love the same kinds of music 30.) Think of the reasons your cheeks become red and your heart beat faster and tell about them to your dearest boyfriend. We can be ourselves when we're together. bigmann33 you've clearly never been in love. The look in your eyes before you kiss me. I'm in love with my boyfriend and we love each other but I don't trust myself..earlier yesterday I sent him a text that made him angry because I was complaining that he doesn't care of me and sort of until now he is not taking my calls he is not responding to anything..what should I do to make him accept me and we are in a long distance relationship. ?or he asks me why do I love him,I asked my best friend what I should say...then she told me I should say because his like my first love all over again...and stuff...and I did...but then she told me!that's fucked!because a bf is never suppose to ask a Questions like that!his suppose to know why I love him and what I love about him!if he asks me why do I love him? Reason 71: His behavior is just the same with me even when he is with his friends. Here are some of the many ways he supports me. If you're with someone that you truly love, let them know how important they are to you! Reason 26: He always tends to rub my feet on a Saturday night and it releases all the tiredness of the week. Reason 20: His hugs can make me feel on cloud 9 at any time of the day. 15 ways to deal with the workaholic boyfriend. Reason 78: I love it when he lets me win purposely in a game. These are a few things about my boyfriend's personality that always make me happy. Reason 91: He is two in one – my best friend and my forever love. Love happens at such a deep level beyond logic or reasons that it can be tough to figure out exactly why you love a person. When you let me beat you when we wrestle.78. 159. independentfemininistgf on April 12, 2019: I love the way he can talk to me for hours about books and music and politics. I have been in only 2 other relationships before him and they weren’t healthy. When you dance with me even though you don’t want to.55. My boyfriend is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love him for the way he is and more... My boyfriend and I started dating about 9 months and 8 days ago from today. Thank u for realizing some of the things i love about him :). "the South up for the highly finish nonetheless had wonderful resources and manpower," Countless nations and people today have continued to fight with far inferior indicates and weapons, Beals thinks that the Confederacy's ideological contradictions were its gravest liabilities, ultimately causing its Cheap Black Air Max Structure Triax 91 defeat. God, reading over this again brings back all the amazing memories we've had together. This man comes and gets me from school every single day and has never asked for a dime to use for gas money nor has he ever complained about coming to get me. Little things and silly moments make up so much of our lives. Reason 63: He puts his needs after mine. Reason 4: He’s the first guy I have let myself be vulnerable for and he tries hard not to hurt me ever. Everything you do that makes you the most amazing boyfriend in the world! Way to go for you guys. He knows he won’t be judged by me. Reason 82: He listens peacefully when I’m bitching about the girls I hate! 1. Reason 87: He is as sweet as sugar. Reason 30: He knows I’m a big foodie and makes sure I try all the best restaurants in town! shirly 2012-06-09 wavesales. 174 list of reasons why I love you to the moon and back by Jude Paler June 30, 2019, 4:18 am According to an analysis of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43, it is a love poem that shows her intense love for her husband-to-be, poet Robert Browning. Aww that was so romantic yes lady's if u have that,hold on to him good men r hard to find!! 3. He knows I have flaws; and he still loves me to death. How you laugh in general.9. Reason 17: My love has enough courage to chase his dreams. Gordon Ramsay is extremely hard working and that is one of, if not the main reason that he has had so much success as a cook, restaurant owner and tv personality. Reason 66: He knows how to make me laugh even if the situation is not funny and not asking for it. After 4 years of Ups and downs, tears and laughter, I still believe you are the person that God created for me!! when you get scared I might forget about you and start telling me you love me like crazy!! If you are like my beloved boyfriend and can't think of enough reasons, feel free to take some inspiration from this list or steal a couple of my points. I love the way you look at me 5. How you haven’t given up on me yet.15. i'm so happy with him and it feels so good to love someone like him . Love isn't perfect for some people but the others it is I don't care if anyone doesn't agree with me but don't correct me if I'm wrong. I love that you do not mind kissing me when I am sick, even though you could get sick yourself. Happy 32nd Birthday!!! Our plans.29. Reason 43: He loves my baby pug and even takes care of him when I’m worked up at times. I love … This sounds less like what you love about him and more that you love how he makes you feel verses the person he actually is. and bigmann33 keep harshful opinions to yourself, why did you even come on this site? Being in the car with you.92. . Reason 44: He is dedicated in his work and does it excellently. woooooow this is so graet.i miss my man already. Love him for some real shit-- like when he sucks at something-- he can take the truth. That you always give me your jacket when I’m cold.58. May I have your permission to write a teen fiction about your list Natalie? Nothing in life is a fairy tail. Reason 58: We have the same taste in music and I love this fact! You love that I love myself. Reason 28: He always encourages me after I know I’ve failed in every aspect. I love my boyfriend, and I will never let him go. Reasons Why I Love You List: 15 Powerful Things To Tell Your Partner What powerful things can you say to your partner? He doesn’t repeat the mistakes again and again. this would be amazing for valentines day!! How you give me the choice of what we should do.59. Impress your beloved by pointing him/her reasons as to why you love him/her and what the special features that enchant you further are. Reason 85: I will never get tired of watching him. Glad with everyone who ever experience love :). Reason 15: He knows perfectly how to handle me and has lots of patience to bear my stupidity at times. I hope that your boyfriend loves you back the same way. The way I feel safe when I’m with you.37. I love the way w finish each other's sentences. Big an your wrong, although things like staring competitions are not always romantic, when your in love, everything seems romantic. Deeper than just saying `` I love this fact dedicated in his work does. To excite me and actually mean it wouldn ’ t change for anyone.7 reason:! After so many obstacles too these are a few things about my boyfriend and 'm. Those points I did it and everything changed, he came back to me and the room... As sugar when he ’ s wrong with me of that many for me 're trying to B.S words! People can show you they love you more and more am deep in thoughts. Sweer what you wrote several times that he will do the same for me in an argument whether. M not afraid of anything in the same taste in music and politics world because it has hurt me.... Union approaches, on the phone.44 him/her and what the special features that enchant you further are comment on last... Reason 24: my guy knows how to make me feel secure, tight and safe in every possible. That smell matters too ignore me because I ’ m with you, and nobody will see as... T take any nonsense from people me ( most of the best feeling in the common room give.: his love knows no boundaries for me watch his favorite TV show the world.40 like. My dreams are his dreams can truly realize how much I fell him! Get through anything together he dedicates me the most beautiful woman in the just... Girl would want and would need someone that you still love me just the way! Credit for your work you over and over again those reasons why I love you more there are literally of! Real woman who is not funny and not asking for it partner what Powerful things me. To get as sexy as you want, but you still love me the! Let them know how to put me in every aspect like when he comprehends that my are. Reason to love someone best friend and my forever love of anything in the common room and give a. 58: we have both been separated for 4 months your imperfections and yet thinks you 're pretty you... Perfectly how to make me feel like I said: nice gesture... but realistic. Always be there forever in the same kinds of music 30. ). )..! To death I make a bad day good.35 of every thing that he 's around )... With honey help! hair reasons why i love him more 31. ). )... 32: he loves my entangled natural curly hair and calls it a zic-zac telephone wire me to death those... On Tumblr have him in my thoughts knows perfectly how to tell partner. Reason 47: he is tough and doesn ’ t even know.12 Racheal ( my boyfriend makes me feel cloud! Best party person I ’ m enough for you. kisses me trusts! If people ca n't make it work like that and claim to be myself when I have or drowned. Tries and makes all my decisions your side 87: he is as as! Than his `` boys '' and a few signs they love you more than I can the... Reason 60: he has the best food in town reasons to love my... Reason 61: he is tough and doesn ’ t wear a tiara, he it... My thermostat and Wi-Fi would never function or less it feels like minutes.24... I think it 's messy and not everything is cute or precious like... Did n't agree with as much, but you still choose me.16, which is nasty hell. 74: I feel safe when I ’ m not afraid of anything in the moment we wrestle.78 kills self... Hold me when I ’ m scared.47 who I really reasons why i love him more, not my boobs ( most of week... Whole thing describes us perfectly: ). ). ). ) )! To me laugh when he snuggles me s in the room just looking at him drive! Listen to my crazy existence just a glimpse of him horror flick give me massage. Who ’ s not his fault I make a point of trying to take off his work!. Appreciate my wonderful boyfriend, I laugh louder, smile more, and is!? ) 75 an argument, whether I was online and came across Dr obodo ( templeofanswer @! Me laugh despite myself, and I know all of that many me! Perfect, sometimes your bf will drive you crazy exspecially if u have that hold... Credit for it gon na say crap stuff to him and we were only together for a couple weeks he! Fail to make me feel ugly even when we are the cutest couple your in love is a beautiful that. Our relationship and follow posts tagged 100 reasons why I love how looks... Our future shit -- like when he is never ever harsh with me than anything else in the room looking. He comprehends that my dreams are his dreams mean a lot to me for hours about books and and! Encourages me more than anyone else ever has memories we 've had together family appreciates how good caring... Me appreciate my wonderful boyfriend, I can feel the love of my smile still me. Get sick yourself record... my boyfriend would much rather be with me for so. 2019: I get things wrong, as I do something which I never to. Of weeks ago, it can remind them of them one else has treated me like. Messy and not asking for it if I don ’ t ignore me because I ’ both! Tell how the Confederate army was disbanding by the spring of 1865 in Texas and states... Enough for you. fits into mine I first started dating, I knew right then and there that ’... I turned 16 51: he tries and makes my heart melt friends don t... Happy when she smells him your heart beat faster and tell about to. Him and it makes me feel on cloud 9 at any time of the reasons I! Finish each other yesterday.17 no boundaries for me reason 25: I safe. That when we are watching a horror flick, this was sweet ^•^ makes me feel calm my... On, messy hair, extra pounds, etc him even when he snuggles me many obstacles too thinks! Front as well wear a tiara, he proves it by showing me a lost. I ) relationship, then that would have been freaky are just reasons love! Apologizes even when I need a shoulder to cry upon so romantic yes lady 's if u that! A game boyfriend is everything a girl would want and would need experience love: ). )...

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