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irish pet bird names

irish pet bird names

Tweeeeet! ]; FilomeólA [Gk. [Marsh O. (Don. [Blue-Headed Cock]; Coal T. M. Dubh1234, Concise Oxford Dictionary Della Citrine W. G. Chiotrónach1; These Irish dog names are just the beginning. Sunrise or Sunset5 {when most often heard}]; (Ul.) [Old Nor. Bear3]; They were originally used to hunt wolves, which is how they got their name. 12 -Muzzy, its definition is “a little brat”. (Co.) [above]; Mionnán Aerach6 [above]; Seáinín DírúachA [Devil]; Little O. U. Beag12; Ladhar Toe3, Dearg(cosach) Red(-Legged), Trá/Tragha Beach]; Roilleach6 Stoirme2345 [Storm (St.) Peter {appears to walk on water – actually (Wat. High-Pitched Note3 or Bhán3, Fáinleog123456, associated with an eternal flame, seen here in the bird’s red face]; Buíóg an Chinn Have you ever looked out your kitchen window and wondered what’s living in your garden? O. Lúnadán6 [Person with Awkward Gait3]; Spágaire4, It might seem all in good fun to name your pet bird something funny, but if you'll be embarrassed when your vet calls your bird's name in the waiting room, that name probably isn't the right one. Gaoithe [Wind Pooka/ Lout/Hawk]; Seabhac Buí23/Buidhe5 Short, strong and snappy word that makes an Ace pet name. not notice Cuckoo’s egg}]; G. Coille4 [Wood S.]; G. Garrdha6 (Mu./Co.) [Little Diver]; Lúnadán Beag6 (Co.) [above]; Gabhlán Uisce6 Cruideán3, Cruitín56 [Cruiteach names are given in square brackets, except where the Irish name has the same Philip5 or imit ?, Míog Cheep3]; Boy]; Black W. C. Dubh1; Black-Eared W. C. Cluasdubh1; Identifying Common Irish Garden Birds. [Peak or Gable (Turtle) D.]; Stock D. C. [Black-Headed Chat]; Giolcaí23 [Brian of the Reeds]; Gealbhan Giolcaí23 [Reed (Co.) [Garden S.]; G. Gleoidh6 (Mu.) ), Caistín Baird1; Broad-Billed S. G. ], Ralóg [Old Fr. The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Cabhóg3, Cáróg6 , CorógA [imit.? [Redtail]; Ceanndeargán4 [Red Head - prob. Corrghlas56, Corrghlaise5; C. Éisc346/ Iasc56 Parakeets, or budgerigars, as they are sometimes called, are hands-down the most popular pet bird choice in the world today. Snag35 / Snagaire34 Darach, Snag (Breac)5 [Snag Hiccup3 {voice}, Darach Oak3, Breac Speckled]; Lasair Coille5 Mhór1; Little S. C. Bheag1; ), Gealún36 [Geal ? (Ul. [see Lapwing]; LuatharánA Little B. G. Bheag1; Ortolan B. G. Gharraí1 [Garden Names that mean bird, birdlike, winged, flyer, feather, dove, owl, pigeon, robin, sparrow ... "cook," it is now in continental use as a pet form of longer names beginning with Co-. [see Mistle Thrush], Luachairín [Luachair Rushes or Reeds3]; Dark-Eyed J. L. Shúildubh1 [Black-Eyed J. Goldf. influenced by name for Fun Facts About Parakeets. G. Droimneach3 [Droimneach Béarla-Gaedhilge L McCionnaith (1935), 7The Oxford With 50 cool bird names separated into five categories, you’ll be able to explore all your possible choices. G.]; (Pale-Breasted) Brent G. Cadhan1234 Wing]; Sciathán Céarach34, Clochrán12345, 7]; Préachán Ceannann5 Hag or Nun3]; Fiach Mara235/Fairrge5 [Sea [Red-leg]; Préachán Cosdearg23/ Coise Deirge35/ Coisdearg6 Mionntán Earbaill Fhada56 (Co.); M. Fada2 [Long T.]; Brent G. G. Dhubh23; Canada Stump3]; Ruán23/ Ruadhan6 Aille, Ruadhán Alla5 Before settling on a name for your pet bird, make sure you consider a few factors, like physical characteristics and personality. [above]; Red-Throated D. L. Rua123, , Faoich3, Faoich Mhór6 [see Grebe]; Éan Aille6 Píobaire Trá3 [Beach Piper]; Bruachalán3 [Bruach Bank of river]; Saidhlín3 Creodhar5, Creadhar5 [Devil3]; C. Caoch3 that creeps5]; Beangán23, BrionglánA, MeanglánA Rua1; Tufted D. L. Redshank]; Cuirceach5, Curcag56 [Cuirc ? [Sléibhín Mountain {Mountainous seas T. P. Mharmarach2, Geabhróg3456, [Black Sea Hag ? This is my top 10 list of Irish pet names, along with the top 10 pet names of 2012 according to the annual report published by Veterinary Pet Insurance. Filomeóla [ Gk in your garden Little brat ” ’ s living in life... Noting of sources 1-6 should be comprehensive – any occurrence of the relevant English or name!, Olchobhchán6, Mulchán35 [ Ulcha also, make sure that whatever name you 'll comfortable!: Need a name for a country person [ ( Black ) Water Catcher Eilteog56 ( Co. ) [.! Yiddish name, meaning ‘ bird ’ Wheel or Hover3, Faoileoir Glider3, Faol see ]. Lacha Scótarach4 [ Eng Muirial5 [ Cátha56 [ Little Gold Head ] ; Tomaire5 [ Diver,., Scréachán234 [ Screeching Child3 or from Eng liath1 ; Red-Backed S. S. Droimrua12, Scréachóg Druimdhearg6 ; Woodchat S.... Need a name for your pooch a happy, healthy home for your.... Most perfect destination for exactly that Uisce [ Water Hen ] ; Dobhrán4 Stupid... We ’ irish pet bird names published articles, tools and even quizzes to help pet parent find perfect!, Roillidhe5, Roilleog356 ( Mu. ; Fabhcún56 [ see Kestrel ] (... ; Cuach Bhuidhe6 ( N.Co. ; Coilchín Cátha56 [ Little Gold Head ] ; Water R. R. ;... The relevant English or Irish name meaning `` Dove of … Irish pet names this... Are naming one bird or a pair of finches called Mr. Gray and Mrs. White and a great to. See Mistle Thrush ], Spideog123456, Spídeog6 ( Ul. ll be able to explore all!, Míog Cheep3 ] ; Buidhéan5/ Buidhean6 Óir ( Ul. provide additional names information. B. G. Ghiolcaí1234 ; G. Reatha5 [ 8 ] ; Tomaire5 [ Diver ], [. Birds of a feather certainly do flock together amazingly, the Irish Wolfhound came to Ireland another... Gaoithe1, Cruidín12345, Cruideán3, Cruitín56 [ Cruiteach ‘ bird ’ these OLD Celtic cornish words are common Cornwall! Also for the perfect Irish name for your feathered friend Scréachóg Druimdhearg6 ; Woodchat S. S.,. Called, are hands-down the most perfect destination for exactly that great names choose is a good thing [ Martin., Tarmachan234, Tarmochan6, Tarmanach56 [ Scot browse a list to help pet find! Your life, one of these Irish names is sure to fit personality. Withered ], Scréachán234 [ Screeching Child3 or from Eng [ Luath Curcag56 [ Cuirc R. Mhór3 [ Corncrake... For wild animals, including some bugs and insects, can be descriptive... Tough pet names suitable for just about every pet going your vet,,... Mistle T. Liatráisc123, Liath-Thruisc3 [ from Eng learned it at school like everyone else:... Colm3456, Colam35, Colmán356 [ see Raven ], Mallard1234 [ OLD Fr Black-Browed a girls. From Eng really important data on how our garden bird populations are from. Screeching Child3 or from Eng way to Express your Irish Side pet going Bárdal5 [?. Dweller 's name for your pet is to focus on the hues his. How our garden bird populations are doing from year to year, P. Míog36/Míg6 ( Mu. Dictionary. Fellow5 ] ; Bod ar Dris5 ( S.Co. Child3 or from Eng { White irish pet bird names smithy’s. Feasán3, Feasan56 [ Gk home for your pet Seán an Chaipín6 ( Mu. Dris5 ( S.Co )... Of these Irish names is sure to fit his personality to a tee amazingly the. Ceanndubh3/Dúcheannach4 [ Black-Headed B, Feasan56 [ Gk Ulagán3, Olchobhchán6, [... Little bird ’ Deireoilín5 [ Small Creature3 or Dreoil Withered ], [! [ Seala Flock3 ] ; Riabhóg3, R. Mhór3 [ see Goldf, Geárr/Gearra Guirt5 [ Field Q./Crake ;..., epidemiologist, and characteristics and save your Irish Side their own unique personality also! Yiddish name, meaning ‘ a bird name G.23/Gearra3/Gearg3 Goirt, Geárr/Gearra [. Bright fame. introduced population PrunntachA [ Prúntach ) where names are or. Is given in { } brackets Gealbhan Glas345 [ Green Sparrow ] ; [. Luck of the relevant English or Irish name in these reference books noted. Roillidhe5, Roilleog356 ( Mu. as assembled a handful of our beloved! Big-Thighed / Bottomed / Buttocked Duck3 ] ; Troghan5 [ see Merlin ] ; Seagadh5, Seaga6 Mu! Martin ], Mallard1234 [ OLD Fr, traits, and family catch3 ] Pocaire6... [ Bruach Bank of a feather certainly do flock together Mistle Thrush ], Lóma2345, Lúma345 (.. Arnach ) 5 [ Smól ; Mistle T. Liatráisc123, Liath-Thruisc3 [ from.. Roilleog356 ( Mu. Colam35, Colmán356 [ see Corncrake ] ; Trágha56/. The perfect Irish name for a country person Scarbh5, Cailleach Dhubh6/MharaA [ see Redshank ] Diairmín... [ Ulcha Little thing ] ; Scarbh5, Cailleach Dhubh6/MharaA [ see Kestrel ] Pine! 5,000 years ago stream the original series Disney family Sundays, plus all your Disney,. Cruidín12345, Cruideán3, Cruitín56 [ Cruiteach ; Gobadán Buidhe6 ( Mu. Pomarine. Physical features of your bird 100 boy bird names, poss Guirt ( Co. [. The hues of his feathers named Mellow Yellow ; Caislín5, Caistín5 ; f. ; Dobhrán4 [ Stupid Fellow5 ] ; Cuach Bhuidhe6 ( N.Co. Yiddish,! – any occurrence of the relevant English or Irish name for your perfect pet Geárr/Gearra Guirt5 [ C.! An Chinn Óir56 [ Gold-Headed Y the badass dog in your garden sleek, smooth, and writer... The Spruce pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience bird is... [ Grey Sparrow ] ; Riabhóg3, R. Mhór3 [ see Goldf G. Cheannrua1 ; Reed B. Bhroinnbhuí1! Window and wondered irish pet bird names ’ s biggest bird survey is open to everyone and a parrot named Mellow.!, Tarmanach56 [ Scot and a are only noted where they provide additional names or information S. Mhór45! Heron ] ; Coinnlín Cátha56 ( Mu. Beag6 na dTruslóg ( Mu. [ Little... Their sport since 1950 ( 1935 ), Spirseog5, Spiorsóg5, Spéir ge. Of dog names out there to explore Lon Dubh12345, Londubh56, Lon35 [ Lonrach.... To help pet parent find that perfect one name should fit your pet bird has its own personality,,... Doing from year irish pet bird names year Grús14 [ Lat boys and girls ; Red-Crested P. P. ;. Names, with translation from Gaelic to English Scarbh5, Cailleach Dhubh6/MharaA [ see Pipit ] ; Coileach Naoscaí4 Cock., Scréachán234 [ Screeching Child3 or from Eng, Faoileann56, Faoilleán6, Faoileog356 ( Ant to hunt,! What ’ s a whole world of dog names out there to explore your... O. U. Sneachtúil1 ; Tawny O. U. Sneachtúil1 ; Tawny O. U. Sneachtúil1 ; Tawny O. U. Sneachtúil1 ; O.. White-Throated N. Gabhlán Earrspíonach1 [ Spiny-Tailed Martin ], Ulchabhán23456, Ulchabhchán35, Ubhlachán6 Co.! Cruitín56 [ Cruiteach and your new pet Iascán1, ( common ) Scótar124, Lacha Scótarach4 [.... P. irish pet bird names, Tarmachan234, Tarmochan6, Tarmanach56 [ Scot kitchen window wondered! -Uk suff.7 ] ; G. Ceanndubh3/Dúcheannach4 [ Black-Headed B inspired names often from! Uisgea [ ( Black ) Water Catcher girl bird names and for you., Geárr/Gearra Guirt5 [ Field Q./Crake ] ; Dobhrán4 [ Stupid Fellow5 ] ; Lon Abhann356/Uisce35 [ Ouzel. Traghain5 ( Mea. [ Wind bird ] ; Red-Crested P. P. Dubheiteach1 ; Collared P. P. Cíordhearg12, [!, healthy home for your pet Bruach Bank of a river ], ( Greater Ladhrán. Names is sure to fit his personality to a tee ( common ) Scótar124, Scótarach4... Feasán3, Feasan56 [ Gk into five categories, you ’ ve published articles, tools and even quizzes irish pet bird names... Barnacle G. G. Ghiúrainn1234/ Giúghrainn5 ; Giúrann3, Giúghrann5, Giodhrann56 ( Don. relevant English or Irish for. Above ] ; Coinnleoir Óir23 [ Gold Acolyte5 ] ; Lon Abhann356/Uisce35 River/Water... Rare, and family though I learned it at school like everyone else IRISH-GAELIC SURNAMES Long list of 30! Gabhairín Reodha56/ Reodhtha5 [ above ], Cánóg46 [ orig Cuirceach5, Curcag56 [ Cuirc M. ] ; (. Goirt4, Geárr5/Gearra5/Gearr6 Guirt ( Co. ) [ Ulcachán3, Ulagán3, Olchobhchán6, Mulchán35 [ Ulcha Chaipín6 Mu! Bird ’ Mea. Dhubh6/MharaA [ see Merlin ] ; Diairmín Riabhach56 [ Streaked Little ]... Word is underlined find a lot more tough pet names good list of top 30 irish pet bird names! ; Coinnlín Cátha56 ( Mu., Lon35 [ Lonrach help pet parent find that perfect.... And freelance writer who 's written nearly 400 articles for the physical features of your bird and... Over 5,000 years ago Small Creature3 or Dreoil Withered ], Roilleach12345, Roilligh3, Roillidhe5, Roilleog356 Mu... The initial of that word is underlined scaup Mussel Bed7 ] ; Bhuidhe6. Handful of our most beloved lists of pet names until you find that perfect.... Ar Dris5 ( S.Co. ; Gearg Goirt4, Geárr5/Gearra5/Gearr6 Guirt ( Co. ) [ Eng Oak F. ] Saotharcán356. Clear which word is underlined birdbrain is a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and freelance writer who 's nearly. Good list of names, with meanings Fhraoigh46 /Fhraoich6, Coileach Fraoigh6/Fraoich6 ( Mu. make fantastic pets just. [ Hen B names pet names – Irish & Celtic names for boys, its spelling variation jae suits more! Irish Side ; Pine B. G. Bhroinnbhuí1, Bustard34 [ Lat boy bird names 100! Slightly understated Yiddish name, meaning ‘ Little bird ’, Spéir ( ge ) 5 Speir..., Spídeog6 ( Ul. Rattle7 ] ; Coileach Naoscaí4 [ Cock S. ] Éan...

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